Wisdom and Archetypes of Middle-Eastern Deities

An/Anu - The God of Sky, Father of 50 Gods

Anu is considered a father and ruler of the highest realm, a child was child of Ansar and Kisar, the very first set of gods of ancient Mesopotamia and later Sumeria. Anu was known as the father of the 50 great gods, and ruler of the stars and the spirits. His name "An" means - a high one. Records of Anu date back to at least 3,000 B.C., making him one of the oldest of the gods. Anu is also known as the Great Bull, as he had several female companions. His wife was Earth Goddess Ki by whom he fathered 50 gods and goddesses, creating a pantheon of Anunakki. Anunakki are the eldest known patheon often displayed with pointy crowns. Anu's other wife was Goddess of Sea - Nammu and with another Earth Goddess Uras, he fathered Ninsuna - the legendary mother of Gilgamesh, known from ancient scrips - Epic of Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh was one third human and 2 thirds god. The Epic of Gilgamesh is one of the oldest surviving works of literature in the world, dating back to 3200 BC.

Enlil - God of Wind, Air, Earth and Storms

Second member of the Anunakki triad. After Anu, Enlil was the most powerful of the Mesopotamian gods, keeper of the Tablets of Destiny which contained the fates of gods and humanity, and considered an unstoppable force whose decisions could not be questioned. With Goddess Ninlil he fathers the Moon God Nanna, and after he is banished into underworld, he fathers another son by Ninlil - the God of Death - Nergal. With Ninlil he also fathered Ninurta - God of agriculture, harvest, hunt and war.

Enki - God of Water, Knowledge and Mischief

Another Anunakki God, the third member of the triad of deities completed by Anu and Enlil. God of Water, Crafts, Creation and Knowledge, Intelligence, but also Magic, Semen, Troubles and Mischiefs. Connected to constellations called stars of Ea, or part of Pegasus constellation too. He is associated with number 40.

Ereshkigal - the Goddess of the Underworld