Wisdom and Archetypes of Greek Deities

Aphrodite - Goddess of love

Aphorodite is ancient Mediterranean Mother Goddess and a Greek Goddess of romantic love. She was a daughter of Sky God Uranus and it is said that Aphrodite was born from sky and sea foam, fully grown. Many admired her for her beauty and when she joined other Gods on Mount Olympus, Zeus married her to Hephaestus, the lame God of smith-craft who made her exquisite jewelry. But Aphrodite had many affairs with other gods including the God of War Ares or Messenger God Hermes. But she loves also many mortal men, for example beautiful Adonis. Many worshiped her, especially on the island of Cyprus. For those who prayed to her, she would grand the love they desired. She would be compel both humans and gods to fall in love. She conceived a son with a mortal Archises. Her son Aeneas would became a first hero of Rome.

Artemis - Goddess of hunt and the moon

Artemis is the Greek goddess representing the Feminine in all aspects, she is also a Goddess of the moon, childbirth, often portrayed as a virgin huntress with a bow and arrows. She was a daughter of Zeus and Goddess Leto. Zeus's jealous wife Hera, punished Leto with difficult labor of twins Artemis and Apollo. Artemis already there served her mother as the midwife. She is often called upon by midwives for swift delivery. When Artemis was a little girl, her father, Zeus asked her what she wanted. Artemis asked only to run forever wild and free with her hounds in the woods. Zeus granted her the wish for hunting weapons, space to roam and her wish for eternal chastity. Artemis is a beautiful huntress who protected animals as she roamed the fields, forests and mountains in the moonlight. She is also a protector of virgins and the mother of all wildlife. She is fierce elusive but also destructive. She is a defender of young girls, her arrow never missed the target. Her temple at Ephesus (Turkey) is one of the Seven Wonders.

Athena - Goddess of knowledge, wisdom and justice

Greek Goddess Athena is patron of intellect and strategy. She is one of the most powerful of the ancient Greek goddesses. She is a daughter of Zeus and Metis. Before Athena was born, Zeus were told that one of his and Metis children would kill him. He swallowed Metis to protect himself, but he couldn't contain Athena. She emerged from Zeus fully armed and powerful. She is often portrayed with the owl sitting on the shoulder representing wisdom, and a serpent, symbol of fertility. Athena's brilliance of reason was said to be as penetrating as he clear, grey eyes. Even thou she was wanted by many, she remain unattached, preferring intellect over the romance. She was also skilled in art of battle, she would guide her champions in battle, during times of was with strategic thinking. But she valued peace over discord, so she protected those who needed protection. She helped Perseus to stay Medusa. During times of peace she sill help with pottery and other crafts.