Wisdom and Archetypes of Deities of Americas

Changing Woman - Goddess of Cycles

Changing Woman or Estsanatlehi is benevolent Goddess of Navajo and Apache. She can change her age merely by walking into the horizon. Her other names are White Shell or Turquoise Woman, which corresponds to the changing colors of her dress as the season change. Navajo believe that she was found by Coyote, after being born of Dawn and Darkness only covered in blanket of clouds and rainbows, secured in the cradle with lightning and sunbeams. She is also a corn Goddess, symbolizing ever-changing, ever-fertile earth. She changes from a young maiden in the spring, to a mother during harvest time and crone during winter. She blesses people with food, seasons and Blessing-way ceremonies - a series of Navajo rituals used for weddings, childbirth rites and other joyful occasions in Navajo people.

Coatlicue - Goddess of Grief

Coatlicue or Serpent Skirt is a mother of Aztec deities. Her name comes from the skirt she wears, made of rattlesnakes. She is worshiped as earth and life/death mother. She became pregnant by placing some white feathers on her breast. Her other children didn't want her to have this child, and had planned to kill her. Her daughter, Coyolxauhqul, the Moon Goddess warned her. After Coatlicue's son, the Sun God learned that she betrayed them, he cut off his sister's head. Grieving Coatlicue placed Coyolxauhgul's head in the sky, so that she can shine forever.

Corn Woman - Goddess of Nourishment

Corn woman is Goddess of southwestern pueblo people and Americas aboriginals - from Arikakra, Cheyenne, Pawnee to Cherokee and Huron. She is a figure of Corn Mother, The Corn Maiden and Yellow Woman. She relates to the corn as a sacred being, who gave herself to save and nurish her people. She was created by Arikara Creator God - Nesaru, who made her out of corn which grew in heavens. She came to Earth to teach people how to cultivate the corn and honor the deities. Her wisdom lays in her love in form of food, that is a time to nourishing yourself through the food, as eating is a sacred act. Something living dies so that you can live, whether is a plant or an animal. She comes with a message that we must accept that a part of being a human is to cause death of things in order to live.

Gyhldeptis - Goddess of Synthesis