Wisdom and Archetypes of Asian Deities

Amaterasu Omi Kami - Goddess of Beauty

Amaterasu Omi Kami is a Japanese Goddess of Beauty and a Shinto Sun Goddess. She hid herself in cave after her brother, the Storm God, insulted her. Shaman Goddess Uzume, a comedian who entertained other Gods and Goddesses, provoked Amaterasu's curiosity and forced her to come out from hiding. When Amaterasu came out, she was dazzled by her beautiful reflection in the mirror. She is a reminder to bask in the radiance of your own beauty. She is a promise that all women posses the beauty and the light of the Feminine.

Benzai-Ten - Goddess of Beauty

Benzai-Ten is another Japanese Goddess of Beauty. She is a reminder of that you are the most lovely when you are being yourself. She is patron deity of geisha who are the artists of music, art, dance and conversation. Benzai-Ten is the only female deity of Shichi Fukujin (Seven Gods of Luck). Seven Gods of Luck travels in a Dragon-headed boat, bringing a good fortune and prosperity to those who deserve it. Benzai-Ten is a patron of love, wealth and accessing feminine power.

Chang O - Goddess of Contemplation and Moon

Chang O is a Chinese Moon Goddess. Before she became a goddess, she lived among the gods and goddesses with her husband Yi, the divine archer. But when he shot nine suns down from the sky, leaving only one to shine upon the Earth, he and Chang O were stripped of their immortality and forced to live among the humans. Chang O begged her husband to ask the gods for a potion of immortality. When she drank it all, she became weightless and flew towards the heavens. She landed on the Moon, again beautiful Goddess, but unable to leave. She is believed to reside the Moon still accompanied with a celestial white rabbit.

Kuan Yin - Goddess of Compassion