The Summer Solstice (Midsummer or Litha) 20th-23rd of June

Updated: Jun 15

Litha is a time of the longest day and the shortest night of the year. It is a peak of the solar year, Earth (the Goddess) is in full bloom and Sun (the God) is shining high.

Litha , an anglo-saxon word for the month of June, is a Celebration of the power of the Sun, usually between 20-22nd of June, but celebrations do stretch throughout few days, covering few other celebrations. Best known as celebration of Midsummer or the Summer Solstice, usually celebrated on 21st of June and Christian tradition of St. John's Day around 24th. It is a time for abundance, joy and celebration. Litha is a time when the God and Goddess are strongest as a couple, and it is therefore a great time to do spells for strengthening a relationships, your career path or your spiritual resolve. It is a great time to "come out of the closet" if you haven't share your spirituality with anyone yet. It is also a time of completion of year-long spells or rituals. Honey cakes are traditional food of Litha.

Litha or the Midsummer is time of the longest days. The corps are reaching their full maturity and forests are bursting with lush growth. Traditionally, bonfires would be lid on the top of the hills, to honor the fullness of the Sun and stay up all night on Midsummer's Eve to welcome and watch the sunrise. People would dance around the bonfires and jump over them as well, to celebrate the power of the sun and life.

Coals would be then scattered on the fields for good harvest. Herbs would be often gathered during this time, as they would contain the magical energy of Summer Solstice. Oak tree is often celebrated during Litha, representing the Oak king, the king who rules from Winter Solstice until Summer Solstice, King of strength, courage and richness of the summer. After Summer solstice, as the days start to grow shorter and shorter, the Oak king would became a Holly King who would eventually rule until the Winter Solstice.

Goddess Aine, Ancient Irish Goddess of light and roman Goddess Juno are often celebrated as well during Litha. To decorate your altar you would use candles of green, yellow and blue. Add some fresh strawberries, cornflowers, poppy flowers and grains of wheat.

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