The Spring Equinox (Ostara) - 20-21st pf March

Ostara or Spring Equinox marks a time of the Year where Day and Night are of equal length, perfect balance of dark and light, feminine and masculine. It is time of vernal Equinox - a complete balance and one of the eight festivals or sabbats in Witch's Year.

Ostara is named after Eostre, a Germanic-Saxon Goddess of fertility, agriculture and springtime. She focuses on prosperity and thanksgiving for new food and a new season of planting. Her name shares roots with Christian Easter. As a beautiful maiden she brings with her the joy, new beginnings and light. Germans and Saxons would light bonfires in her honor, in some parts they will be lightning dawn fires

as a protection for the crops. Girls would wear white dresses to mark the innocence and new beginnings. Anglo-Saxons celebrated her by holding feasts in her honor during month of April to celebrate the end of Winter. Legend says, Eostre was once summoned by a little girl who found a bird on the end of Winter, dying. Eostre came down from heavens by a rainbow, shining so brightly that snow melted where she went - she brought Spring with her. Eostre couldn't save the little bird's life, so she turned it into a snow hare who could lay rainbow eggs instead.

A traditional symbol of new beginnings and of being reborn is the egg. In wiccan and pagan traditions, eggs are often decorated with magical sigils and prosperity symbols. Symbols used were hares, lambs or coins, which would be hanged outside front doors to attract good luck for the coming season. Ostara is a great time to perform any spells for prosperity and financial success. You may try this Good fortune spell. It is also a great time to start long-term spells that will come to fruition by the Autumn Equinox.

Ostara is also a time of hot cross buns - a pre-Christian offering to Eostre, a sweet bun traditionally with raisins, decorated by a white cross - referring in early days to a Celtic cross, a representation of intersection of Earth and Heaven. Time of Ostara is also symbolized in the nature by all early spring flowers like daffodils, primroses, violets and crocuses.

You may decorate your house or your altar in yellow, greens, blues, whites and violets colors. Its is a great time for fertility and new job spells, careers or increase in the pay or business. It is time of fertility celebration in all forms, and honoring of power of feminine and Mother Nature.

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