May Day (Beltane) - 1st of May

Beltane is a great sabbat and probably the most celebrated. Time of cherry tree blossoms, it honors life representing a peak of Spring and the beginning of Summer.

Beltane in ancient Europe is best knowns as a Maypole festival, which would be celebrated with a largo tree trunk representing the God's masculinity with a beautifully decorated wreath on the top representing Femininity and Fertility of the Goddess. People would dance around the trunk, wrapping and decorating it with ribbons, which would symbolize the sacred union of God and Goddess.

The Great Rite, best known as a part of Beltane celebrations is a celebration of fertility, fire and abundance. The great rite represent a sexual union between the God and the Goddess, the union which would bring life and abundance to the Earth. Beltane celebrations would often include bonfires as fire represents energy, virility and fertility. People would jump over the bonfires, which would represent purification, burning out all negativity left from the winter.

To decorate your altar for Beltane celebrations, colors white, red, pink and green are used. You an use candles of these colors and flowers which would be blooming by the time of Beltane. Often pink cherry blossoms are the best known symbol of Beltane and Mayday. Cherry trees are often in full bloom during this time all over the world, and some say kissing under the cherry tree during May Day will bring you a lots of love during whole year.

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