Wisdom of Spirit Animals and Guides

All animals here on Earth have their own unique wisdom they want to share with us. Spirit Animals are considered guides of 3rd Dimension. Pay attention what animal seems to be crossing your path, either in its physical form, or for example in your dreams as it has most likely something which it wants to share with you.

Ants - industriousness, order, teamwork, patience and discipline, time to collaborate

Ants has been long a symbol of hard work. There is discipline and order within their community, and every ant knows his place. They are social insects, and therefore represent teamwork and industry. When ant crosses your path or it is your totem animal, you are required to examine your own industriousness. Do you lack discipline or order in the work you do? Or are you lacking a good foundation or patience in order to move forward and be successful? Are you being patient with yourself or others? Or your efforts? Ant can teach you how to harness your own power to create the life you want for yourself. Ant comes with a promise of success through effort and hard work.

Antelope - Action, speed, adaptability of the mind, energy, grace, swiftness

Antelope is a spirit animal connected to the mind and mental ability and therefore connected to 3rd eye and crown chakra. It helps you to reflect on your mental agility and wittiness and can help you to mentally survive in most difficult environments. If Antelope is your totem animal you may need to insulate yourself or you need to come out of hiding. Empaths may have a tendency to get antelope as totem animal. Antelope can help you to be quick with your communication and stay curious. It can also help you with your clairvoyance or strengthen your other psychic abilities, especially if self-preservation is needed. If Antelope is your totem animal and you are highly psychic, you may have many encounters with strange fragrances, especially musk. Furthermore, antelope can teach you how to use your adaptive ability, develop new mental perspective and attitude towards situations which you first considered as impossible.

Armadillo - set healthy boundaries, personal protection and defense, empathy

Armadillo will be a totem animal especially for those who tend to be most vulnerable when exposing their undersides or inner workings. Because Armadillo is an animal carrying its own Armor and shield, it can be a great teacher how to protect yourself and when to let your defenses down. Armadillo can also teach you how to dig through people or situations to see what is truly beneath the mask. Armadillo teaches you how to best carry your protection, and how to use it when it is necessary. It can teach you how to use it without harming others. People with owl or skunk totems will me often in positive relationships with people whose totem is Armadillo, as they benefit from their abilities. People with armadillo totem will often have past live connections with Aztecs and medieval Spain. If armadillo crosses your path, ask yourself if you are in need of personal protection, or are you neglecting or overprotecting yourself against others?

Badger - be fearless and bold, self-expression, reliance, indirect communication

If a badger is your totem animal, you'll need to study also a weasel animal, as they are closely connected. Those with badger as totem animal tend to have a vast knowledge of others, you may be a storyteller. Stories may come easily to you and from you. If a badger is your spirit