Healing power of herbs

Many ancient cultures worked with herbs from shamans of Iraq where the oldest evidence of herbal use was discovered to the ancient Egyptians, Romans and Greeks. Herbs were for centuries used in many healing rituals. You can grow your own herbs and you can collect them in the wild.


Basil is associated with planet Mars, element of Fire/South and Goddess Aradia and Gods Vishnu, Loki and Ares. It is used in money and prosperity spells, spells for fortune-telling and finding inner strength. Fresh basil leaves or basil essential oil are great for stress related skin issues, it helps with digestions and helps ease stomach cramps. Basil tea helps with relaxation and sleep. It should be avoided during pregnancy.


Bay is associated with planet Jupiter, element of Fire/South and Goddesses Ceres and Delphi and God Apollo. It is used in success and wisdom spells and predicting future and wish come true spells. Dried bay leaves and oil are used in cooking and have mild stimulant effect, it is also anti-fungal. Bay-leaf wreaths are used in Wiccan rituals.


Bergamot is associated with planet Mercury, element of Air/East and Goddess Fortuna and God Hermes. It is used in luck and curse-breaking spells. Bergamot is antiseptic, tea with honey can be used to treat colds, low fevers and sore throats.


Chamomile is associated with planet Mercury and element of Water/West and God Cernunos. It is also sacred to all Egyptian deities. It is used in health spells especially about calmness, in luck spells and during meditation. Chamomile tea is used as a mild sedative, it cures insomnia and eases stomach aches, especially during menstruation. A cool tea can ease teething problems for babies, it is also anti-inflammatory and can be used as ointment on skin and it can heal sun burns. Chamomile tea can be also used as a tonic for other plants.


Cinnamon is associated with Sun, element of Fire/South, Goddess Oshun and Gods Helios and Ra. It is used in love and lust spells, spells for power, success and knowledge. Cinnamon is an stringent, a stimulant and antiseptic. Cinnamon can

be used to stop vomiting, it has antibacterial properties, it can help against diarrhea, lower cholesterol and reduce blood-sugar levels.


Chili is associated with planet Mars, element of Fire/South and Gods Mars, Aries and Vulcan and Goddess Durga. It is used in spells regarding lust, virility, excitement, new ideas and protection especially against evil spirits. Chili can ease pain, especially backache and reduces itching.


Hawthorn is associated with planet Mars, element of Fire/South and Goddess Lady Godiva. It is used in spells for wishes, fertility. lust and protection spells. It is also associated with fairy magic. Hawthorn is sacred to the Druids, it is used to decorate May poles and making magic wands. Tea out of hawthorn berries is used to improve circulation, to lower blood pressure and to treat insomnia. Syrup out of hawthorn berries is also used as a memory aid under stress. It can be used as substitute for coffee, tea and tobacco.

Irish Moss

Irish Moss is associated with planet Neptune, element of Water/West and Goddess Cerridwen and God Gwydion. It is used in spells for business success, gambling and good luck spells. Irish Moss can be used to stimulate appetite, heals the wounds, soothes a sore throat. It has lots of iron and can be added to salads, or added to other foods.