Halloween (Samhain) - 31st of October

Samhain, also known as All soul's Night or Halloween's Eve is one of the most important festivals in The Witches Year. Samhain is a New Year for all witches. It’s a time of honoring our ancestors. The main theme of this time of the Year is the connection between this world and the other world, the time when the veil between these two are at the thinnest. It is a great time to get in touch with your loved ones who passed, go on the vision quests and guided meditations.

Samhain is Witch's New Year and therefore also a great time to perform some Fortune telling, to gain a glimpse of the coming calendar year. It is also a time of the third and last harvest, harvest of nuts and berries. Many seeds are falling into a deep earth, where they will remain unseen until the spring. Harvest time is now complete, it reached the end of cycle of birth and growth. Sun King has sacrificed himself and is now waiting for his return during Winter Solstice. It is a time of Crone aspect of the triple Goddess, as she mourns him and awaiting his birth at Yule. It is magical time, time of transformation where death is always followed by rebirth. Many believed that the day doesn't start at dawn, but it begins with sunset, as the light is born out of darkness. Darkness brings forth opportunities to rest and reflect on the past.

Samhain is a time of the year where the it is believed that the veil between our world and the underworld is in their thinnest. It is time of honoring our ancestors. Witches often do divination during this time often with the purpose to talk to them, and placing their photographs on the altars and lighting a candle in their honor. Also showing hospitality and welcoming them in their home, by setting an extra plate and a seat at their table, maybe cooking their favorite meal, talking about them and remembering them. Any way to bring them more closer. You may want to perform this magical chant to invite your loved ones who passed to visit you during this special time:

"Tonight is the time for open doors

I ask for a visit from my ancestors.

All those loved ones I hold dear

I pray now, come close, draw near!"

Don't be afraid to contact your ancestors during this time of year. But always invite them, never force them to attend you. Ghosts like respect just as much as living people. You may decorate your altar with colors of black, orange and silver, adding beautifully colored leaves, pumpkins, nuts and berries. You may also add photos of departed loved ones.

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