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Wildlife and portraits in Watercolor

Watercolor was the last medium I've picked up earlier this year. I feared it due to its reputation to be the hardest medium to control. I still struggle with it, as it really tests my patience and my inner critic. However, I find it an excellent technique for doing daily art, it doesn't take much time and you can do it on a go.

I've only started to explore watercolors at the beginning of 2022 with my favourite watercolor artist Sarah Stokes. In this collection you'lle find some of my final projects from online tutorials at and etchrstudios, as well other projects.

I use mainly Winsor and Newton Cotman range and few paints from their Proffesional range. when it comes to brushes I have a collection of them, but my favourites are Escoda brushes. The type of paper is very important, I prefer cold press watercolor paper, at least 300 g in weight.

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