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Beauty of Nature in Oils

Oil paints were the first medium I started to paint with. I was inspired by longtime favourite American artist Bob Ross. I love his soothing voice, inviting you to allow that forgotten artist within each of us to step forward. I loved to watch every night his painting tutorials The Joy of Painting, until I've finally decided to give it a try and got myself my first oil paint set. Oils were my gateway to the world of imagination and inspiration.

After that I was inspired by other painters, American painter Kevin Hill and British painter Michael James Smith for more advanced techniques, using different mediums and surfaces. And the result of what I've learned you can see in this collection.

I don't do oils much anymore, but I will be forever grateful to start with them. They taught me to be brave on so many levels.

I use some Bob Ross oil paints, but mostly I use Winsor and Newton oil paints. For black, whites and yellows I will also use alkyd oil paints for faster drying results, and Winsor and Newton Liquin Original or Fine detail as well.

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