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Can you imagine living your life free from pain, heartbreak and resentment? Waking up knowing, that you are a free being living your full potential?

Let me help you to introduce a better way of being. 



My healing ability focuses on providing you with empowering tools

how to lead a life free of any external, internal or energetical trauma.

I have a background as certified advanced Soul Realignment™ practitioner,

but I also use other healing modalities like Reiki, sound healing, astrology, EFT and  Access Bars®.

I am also a self-learned artist. 


During our online healing session together, I will use all my knowledge and

variety of tools while working with you on your energy field.

Together we will release emotions, old beliefs or negative mindset using  a subtle body energy.

With help of Reiki and energy work, we address your current situation,

with help of Astrology we may look into your birth chart for hidden clues,

we may examine your past lives by looking into your Akashic records,

all this while addressing any physical, mental or emotional pain.

Each quantum healing session will be different according to what your body requires

at the moment.  The main goal will be to help you to work with your higher self, 

to heal your ancestral trauma or karmic past patterns.

We will aim is to help you to release yourself of any emotional, mental  or physical baggage,  

so you can re-connect yourself with your soul and your life's purpose 

and have a life your soul meant to have. 

It is a time for a session if:

You need an energy cleansing

You cannot release old resentments and beliefs

You feel stuck with a life full of repetitive patterns 

You want to break ancestral and karmic cycles for good

You feel like is time to move forward, but don't know how and where

You tried different approaches, but nothing seems to bring you the relief and peace you desire

Your SOUL speaks through your ART

All of us try to express who we are through color, light, form and texture, as soon as we can hold something in our hands. Creating art is a way our soul can speak and express itself without restrictions. 

Creativity & Intuition walks hand in hand, and for many of us, both were shut down too early in our childhood. 


When I allowed my intuitive healer to step forward few years ago, my inner artist started to shine too.

I invite you to look into my soul through my art ♥



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